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Philosophy of elea Sitia P.D.O.

Sitia P.D.O.

Sitia of Lasithi is region known for producing extra virgin olive oil of quality. Usually of particularly low acidity. SITIA is located in the eastern part of Crete with special microclimate-dry and warm because of which olive oil is produced with a special taste and organoleptic characteristics. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL FROM SITIA OF LASITHI, CRETE has been approved by the European Union as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and for years now it travels all over the world and wins the special taste of the genuine Cretan olive oil and its stable quality.

Available packaging options:
250ml  /  500ml  /  750ml  /  1lt
Code Packaging Volume Pcs/box Boxes/pallet Pcs/pallet Pallet Weight
3.023 marasca 250ml 12,00 168,00 2.016,00 1.030,00
3.019 marasca 500ml 12,00  90,00 1.080,00   972,00
3.015 marasca 750ml 12,00  65,00   780,00   932,00
3.027 marasca 1lt 12,00  55,00   660,00 1.023,00