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Philosophy of elea Kolymvari P.D.O.

Kolymvari P.D.O.

Kolymvari of Chania is a region at the northwest of Crete with special morphology and natural beauty. From the one side it is surrounded by the sea of Crete and the landscape is complemented by a fertile plain of alternation of small hills. It is known as PDO area, ie the protected designation of origin for olive oil. In the area of ​Kolymvari lies the world famous “OLIVE TREE OF VOUVES” the oldest olive tree in the world. So we can say that here in KOLYMVARI begins the course of olive and olive oil over the centuries.

Available packaging options:
250ml  /  500ml  /  750ml  /  1lt
Code Packaging Volume Pcs/box Boxes/pallet Pcs/pallet Pallet Weight
3.024 marasca 250ml 12,00 168,00 2.016,00 1.030,00
3.020 marasca 500ml 12,00  90,00 1.080,00   972,00
3.016 marasca 750ml 12,00  65,00   780,00   932,00
3.028 marasca 1lt 12,00  55,00   660,00 1.023,00