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Philosophy of elea Chania P.G.I.

Chania P.G.I.

Chania is a region of Crete which has the climatic characteristics and geological conditions to thrive and produce each crop. That’s why next to the fruit of the plain and mountain herbs grows the olive that produces a wonderful Olive Oil which is not quiet well known but it is ready to compete with the best olive oils in the world. The European Union has recognized the olive oil produced here as an Olive Oil of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) which means that this olive oil is produced exclusively in the area of CHANIA, CRETE, and after strict controls at each production stage it arrives in the hands of the consumer with all its nutritional value and its own particular flavor features. Our company is located in this area and bottling Olive Oil PGI of CHANIA.

Available packaging options:
250ml  /  500ml  /  750ml  /  1lt
Code Packaging Volume Pcs/box Boxes/pallet Pcs/pallet Pallet Weight
3.022 marasca 250ml 12,00 168,00 2.016,00 1.030,00
3.018 marasca 500ml 12,00  90,00 1.080,00   972,00
3.014 marasca 750ml 12,00  65,00   780,00   932,00
3.026 marasca 1lt 12,00  55,00   660,00 1.023,00